Building sustainable brands: From product development to marketing strategies - 23 May


According to Foundation Earth, “our global food system is responsible for 70% of freshwater consumption, one third of greenhouse gas emissions, 80% biodiversity loss and 90% global deforestation.” 1 It is widely reported that 1/3 of food is wasted globally.  Initiatives abound from farm to fork to address our significant role in the climate crisis and the need to create sustainable food systems. In their paper The Big Food Redesign, the Ellen Macarthur Foundation posits: “FMCGs and retailers design what we eat – how it looks, how it tastes, and how good it is for us and for nature. Combining the principles of circular economy with food design, they can design food for nature to thrive.  Rather than bending nature to produce food, food can be designed for nature to thrive”. 2  The entire value chain from agriculture to delivery systems, processing to packaging is under scrutiny and there is tremendous innovation happening globally with new ingredients and new food technology attracting considerable investment.   

In this webinar we examine the significant challenges for established brands to become more sustainable and how new brands can make these considerations integral to their strategy from day 1.  We will look at how branding and marketing approaches are evolving with “purpose” in mind, including transparency, clean label, packaging issues, eco-labelling initiatives and how organisations like B Corp might be able to provide support.  



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