Flavour and colour innovations across the beverages market - 13 June


“I love bright red drinks, don’t you? They taste twice as good as any other color.” ― Lucy Maud Montgomery, author Anne of Green Gables

Our expert this month, Innova Market Insights, once described colours and flavours as the “superheroes” of product success. In this month’s reformulation and NPD webinar, we get top tips on the new innovations in the beverage space. "As young consumers continue to prioritize their demand for flavour,” says the market researcher, “beverages get a youthful makeover, with engaging colours and exciting flavours."

We will also hear from a leading brand about their NPD process from brainstorm to shelf. How long is the process, who gets involved, what are their biggest wins and most surprising disappointments in the colour and flavour space? Together we will discuss global and cultural differences in taste and the impact of the move towards healthier products and clean label on the creative process and ingredient sourcing.

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