Gut health in the focus of food and beverage brands - 25 April 2023


An article in the New York Times published last year titled: Why is Gut health taking over Tik Tok reported that “videos tagged with #guttok have garnered nearly 400 million views.”1 The growing mainstream attention around the importance of digestion and what we eat and drink in achieving optimum overall nutrition and health has taken centre stage.  According to Mintel, “research is exploring the gut-brain axis, gut-heart axis, gut-oral axis, gut-lung axis and more. Research is also underway to understand how changes to the gut microbiota can affect other areas of health and potentially manage diseases that are rooted in inflammation, such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis.”2  If there is one buzzword that rises to the top it is microbiome.  A desire to understand the complexity of this community of microorganisms living together in our gut is grabbing the attention of both the F&B sector and the nutraceuticals and supplements industries.  

In this webinar we hear from experts who discuss the consumer perspective on gut health when purchasing food and beverage products – which brands are getting this right, what health claims are an effective incentive to buy and what do people want more of?  We will also explore the product development perspective - considering natural prebiotics and probiotics in foods and delving into fermentation, fibre, the importance of a diverse diet and the effect of highly processed food. With a view to future innovation, we will examine the rise of personalised nutrition and new technologies focussed on enabling greater understanding for consumers and brands. 

1New York Times, 20 April 2022, Why is Gut Health Taking over Tik Tok? By Dani Blum 

2Mintel, The Future Foundation of a healthy gut, January 2022 

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