Sourcing challenges and ingredient substitutions - 14 March


Global food prices have surged 65% since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and by 12% since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, according to data from the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization1.  One recent report saw the cost of a staple loaf of bread in France has gone up by 19% since last year, reflecting not only the higher cost of ingredients, but also the cost of the energy to fuel the ovens2. In response, the food industry is forced to review how they procure ingredients, where ESG considerations fit in, how substitutions can be accommodated in a complex production cycle and even their geographical location. 

In this webinar our experts explore how manufacturers are approaching the challenge of securing their supply chain, what reformulations may be required to cope with the escalating cost of ingredients, and what new solutions may be on offer to safeguard their future. 

Join this Fi webinar to hear from leading industry experts on strategies around supply chain management and product formulation. The programme will include expert sessions, live discussions and Q&A. 



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