Sugar, salt, and fat reduction: New developments and technologies - 14 February


Diets high in sugar, fat and salt are responsible for various forms of malnutrition and a contributing factor in numerous diseases. The World Health Organisation recommends limiting these commodities and countries around the world are looking at different ways to put greater regulation in place to ensure that food manufacturers address the issues and that consumers are educated. “The Bliss Point” identified by psychophysicist Howard Moskowitz in the 1950s as the salty/sweet/richness point of “perfection” to make a food irresistible, is now being completely redefined. 

In this webinar we look at the different approaches to re-writing this script. From new technologies in sweet proteins, cultured fat cells, innovations to reduce salt and other R&D approaches to rebalance and replace, creating new strategies for nutritional optimisation is now at the forefront of NPD.  

Join this Fi webinar to hear from leading industry experts about consumer and ingredients insights and the latest innovations in this space. The programme will include expert sessions, live discussions and Q&A. 

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