Food safety and contamination control - 22 August


Food safety and contamination control may not be the starriest of headlines but without stringent systems in place the food industry could not function. The consequences of food safety failures can be devastating for people and for businesses. Food recalls cost companies an average of $10 million in direct costs alone, according to a study by the Food Marketing Institute and the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) in the US.The precautions we need to take are constantly evolving as new risks present themselves and our ability to detect them becomes more sophisticated. This includes management of foodborne diseases and allergens as well as contaminants present in the supply chain. According to Rob Kooijmans, CEO of the Food Strategy Institute, a single contaminant (Ethylene Oxide) was responsible for close to 4000 recall notifications in Europe over the past 3.5 years, representing 30% of the total volume of product recalls in the region.    

In this Fi webinar, Rob Kooijmans will be joined by leading food research company Nizo. They will discuss trends in contaminant related recalls and what contaminants are being flagged on the horizon including PFAS, MOSH and MOAH. They will also share insights on what the impact is of the ever-increasing accuracy of measuring contaminants and how food safety regulatory bodies and food safety authorities respond to this. 

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