Building Sustainable Brands - 25 June 2024


In its most recent sustainability report, FMCG Gurus states that “at a time when sustainability is having a greater influence on product choice than ever before, and consumers look for brands that match their attitudes and outlook, companies must be seen to be taking a proactive and holistic approach to addressing ethical and environmental issues.”1 But what is a sustainable brand? Measuring the total environmental impact of a product from production to end use can be incredibly complex.

The business of how this is effectively marketed to the consumer presents its own challenges. Speaking to the media, Greenpeace’s head of news Stefano Gelmini says: “Companies known for their less-than-positive carbon footprints should be particularly careful before using environmental achievements as a “get-out-of-jail-free card”. Greenwashing is everywhere. A crackdown on misleading claims couldn’t come a moment too soon.”2 How do established brands navigate the transition to a more sustainable and transparent future? Are new challenger brands at an advantage in this space? In this webinar we will take a deep dive into the issues at stake including: 

  • Defining what “sustainable” means for a food and drink brand
  • Measuring environmental impact across the food chain 
  • The importance of packaging 
  • Transparency in marketing and danger zones 
  • Cost implications


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