Dairy And Dairy Alternatives - 3 September 2024


The dairy alternative shelves in our supermarkets are heaving. Euromonitor International confirms that “from plant-made milk and yoghurt to cheese alternatives, the dairy-free space continues to see very dynamic innovation, delivering strong growth and attracting key dairy players”.1 Imaginative product development and technological invention through precision fermentation and artificial intelligence (AI) are exploding with new products launching every week.

However, traditional dairy remains strong and is often the favourite when it comes to flavour and perceived health benefits. According to Mintel, “dairy milk actually exceeds all non-dairy base types in purchase-driving qualities such as taste as well as nutrition”.2 In this webinar we will look at innovation across both dairy and alternative dairy, hear expert views on where this market is going, and consider the new ingredients and technologies that are delivering the best results. Discussions will include: Defining what “sustainable” means for a food and drink brand 

  • Which factors – health, vegan, sustainability – are driving the dairy alternative market? 
  • New ingredient sources: proteins, plants, and cell-cultured 
  • How is traditional dairy innovating for the future? 
  • Nutritional profiles: which dairy alternative is really better for you?


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