Gut Health In Food - 5 March 2024


Experts are still understanding the importance of the gut microbiome on our overall health and as this topic becomes more and more on trend, we are seeing an increasing number of diets, home tests and personalised nutrition programmes designed to maximise our gut health.  In parallel, many brands are adding functional ingredients like pre- and probiotics and fibre to products.

In the study Gut health, the microbiome and dietary choices, the authors summarise: “rapid advancement of microbiome sequencing has progressed the understanding of the role of gut microbes…Commercialisation of gut health products appears to have capitalised on this growth market”.1 This growth is also visible in the surge in popularity of the traditional foods we now understand to be good for the gut –  from kefir to kombucha – and the focus on adding diversity to what we eat is now more than a foodie’s pleasure; it’s a dietary recommendation. Never before have the worlds of food and wellness been so interwoven. In this webinar we look at: 

  • The connection between our digestion, immunity, and mental health. 
  • Stand-out products, including “mood food”, functional foods and ingredients. 
  • Health claims and labelling. 
  • Market insights.
  1. Williams GM, Tapsell LC, Beck EJ. Gut health, the microbiome and dietary choices: An exploration of consumer perspectives. Nutr Diet. 2023 Feb;80(1):85-94. doi: 10.1111/1747- 0080.12769. Epub 2022 Oct 11. PMID: 36221861; PMCID: PMC10092166 

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